Mission & Vision

At BGBB Lit Foundation, we believe that literacy is the key to success. By teaching children the essential skills of reading, writing, and communication, we help them develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they need to succeed in school and in life. We also believe that literacy is for everyone. That’s why we offer a variety of programs and services designed to meet the needs of all learners. Whether you’re a struggling reader or an advanced student, we have something for for every child in grades K-5.


Our mission at BGBB Lit Foundation is to help children develop strong literacy, critical thinking, and communication skills essential for success.


Our vision for BGBB Lit Foundation is to provide optimal conditions for children to learn and grow as readers, writers, and creatives.

Our Motto is “Literacy is Life”

We know that literacy skills are essential for success in school, but they’re also important for communicating with friends and family, staying up-to-date on current events, and participating in civic life.

Our literacy activations are different. We believe literacy in all things, therefore our programs and events are designed to be holistic and provide activity-based learning experiences. This means that participants will be exposed to a variety of different literacies, including but not limited to: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and digital.

By engaging in these activities, children develop a strong foundation upon which to build their literacy skills. In addition, our programs are designed to be flexible and responsive to the needs of each individual learner.