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The Brown Girl and Brown Boy multilingual children’s bookstore is a much-needed addition to the children’s literature landscape. These books provide social-emotional and psycho-social support, representing diversity and equity for children. The bookstore offers a wide range of books in multiple languages, making it easier for parents to find books that their children can relate to. It also offers a safe space for children to explore their identities and learn about other cultures.

Representation is a significant factor for many children of color, and it is important for them to see themselves in books that aid in their mental, emotional, and physical development.

What to have your books featured in the bookstore? Send an email to litforreading@bgbblitorg.

“Representation is not just about color. It is also about culturally setting a standard of excellence for our children.” – Dr. P. Gurley 

Brown Girl, Be Social

Brown Boy, Be Social

Niño Moreno, Sé Sociable

Niña Morena, Sé Sociable

Petite Fille Noire, Sois Sociable

Petit Garçon Noir, Sois Sociable 

Brown Girl, Break Barriers

Brown Boy, Break Barriers

Niña Morena, Rompe Barreras

Niño Moreno, Rompe Barreras

Petite Fille Noire, Brises les Barrièrers

Petit Garçon Noir, Brises les Barrières

Brown Girl and Brown Boy, Be Well

Niña Morena y Niño Moreno, Manténganse Saludables 

Petite Fille Noire et Petit Garçon Noir, Allez Bien!

Brown Girl and Brown Boy, Be Mindful

Niña Morena y Niño Moreno, Sean Considerados

Petite Fille Noire et Petit Garçon Noir, soyez prévenants 

Brown Girl and Brown Boy, We Love Hobbies

Niña morena y niño moreno, Nos (encantan) los pasatiempos